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The Lord's Prayer - My Prayer to My Lord

Questions and Answers About Predestination

Choosing Wisely to be Salt and Light

Sermon: Staying The Course

Articles Contributed to the "Discipleship" Collection

The Mind of God

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Lord, Teach Us To Pray

For Biblical-Christians - Other Useful Documents

Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

"A Spiritual Formation Workbook: Small-Group Resources for Nuturing Christian Growth" Richard J. Foster

A 3-Section Detailed Teaching Outline of UNDER COVER by John Bevere
Special emphasis has been added where the doctrine of the Southern Baptist Conference
and the doctrine of the Assemblies of God (Bevere's background) disagree.

Teaching: Class 201 - Condensed Saddleback/Purpose Driven Materials

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Chip Ingram & Other Authors


William J Tsamis, Christian Academic and Thinker.
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