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NOTE: The content and style of these sermons represent my Bible-based understanding and application
at the time of their presentation and for the format and population in and to whom they were presented.
It would be incorrect to presume that I have learned nothing new from God since that time
or that one may indiscriminantly extrapolate these teachings out of their time and place.
Please communicate with me if you have concerns or questions.

SERMONS - Delivered at Bethel Missionary Baptist in Statesboro, GA

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Videotaped sermons are planned for later in the year.
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SERMONS in 2009

Why Do I Have Victory In Christ? Promise, Propitiation, and Provision
JESUS Brings Joy ... And A Transformed Perspective
Treat Everyone Equally
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Give Thanks and Watch Your Language
JESUS Came From Heaven To Be Our King: He Speaks, We Listen, We Grow
Obey GOD'S WORD and Work On Your Humility
JESUS Is Our ... Salvation, Significance, and Shepherd
Celebrate Your Trials

SERMONS in 2010

JESUS Brings Us Purpose, Power, and Persistence
Developing Great Hope: Our Awesome God Provides Purpose and Perspective
If I Had A Hammer: GOD'S Way To Deal With Injustice and The Christian Life
Take My Life: Jesus Frees Me From The World So I May Serve Others
Bring Your Work To Church: Connecting Everything We Are and Everything We Do to Our Faith
Fighting Words: Hope, Power, and Victory In Christ
Testify to Love
Follow the Leader
Hearts of Praise
Act With Care
Trust & Obey
Palm Sunday Two

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