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It is always important to approach your first session with a cautious and
discerning attitude to discover if your counselor appears to be a good match.
If you for some reason believe that you will not be able to work well then
seek out a different counselor in the same practice or perhaps in another.
The reasons may be age, gender, counseling style, body language, accent, or
some other factor that significantly gets in the way of effective communication
and/or confidence.

If you are a Christian then a Christian counselor is a must. No one who does
not have a personal relationship with the Lord together with the indwelling
presence of the Holy Spirit will be fully equipped to understand your capacity
to heal nor your desire to do so.

If you are not a Christian a Christian counselor may still be your best
choice as they tend to be well informed about other belief systems as well
as agnosticism and atheism, they understand the challenges of going life
alone without Christ, and they are highly ethical.

Please note that when I use the term "Christian" I am not referring to
anyone who claims the label. I am referring to Biblically loyal, teachable,
accountable, mature, and well trained Christian counselors.

"Well trained" means that you must verify that they hold credentials from
a fully (Regional or Nationally accredited college/seminary/university)
and are affiliated with an organization in whom you already have some
reason for confidence. Please note that in academia little confidence is
granted most accrediting organizations claiming to be "International".
They will also need to have experience and have been well-mentored but that
is more difficult you to assess.

There are no government-based licensing standards that provide true quality control.
Those who use the term "counselor" in a religious context have no regulatory point
of reference for quality. There are 'secular' licensing methodologies and many
Christian counselors have earned them.

It is important to acquire and contact references for *any* counselor, secular or
those associated with religious organizations.

Meanwhile, your pastor or another such mature adult who has built a system of
informed referrals may be your best resource for finding a safe, competent,
and appropriate counselor.

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