Former President Ronald Reagan coined a phrase,
appropriate for those who seek genuine news,
"Trust, but verify."

Alternative Media

Matt Drudge's News Flashes & Links (Can be crass)

Glenn Beck (Mostly Conservative, Often Crass & Immature)

Sean Hannity (Noisy-Right Perspective)

Hugh Hewitt (Center-Right Perspective)

Patrick Ruffini's Political Commentary & Links

Rush Limbaugh (Conservative Perspective)

Traditional Media

FoxNews Online

News Headlines (Leans Conservative)

Breaking Wire News (Leans Liberal)

FoxNews - Tampa Bay - Online

Florida News & Links (Tampa Bay Area)

Georgia News & Links (Savannah-Statesboro Area)

Links to Reason

Middle People -- Participate Rationally


Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) All "News" Sources ...

While there is good reason to doubt that the self-selected "news media" has ever been anything approaching truly nonpartisan
there can be little doubt that anyone in what the average citizen might identify as a "news outlet" may claim such a lofty perch of trust.

The founders of the United States of America stated clearly that for this "experiment in liberty" to succeed the citizenry must be
informed and participatory. Trying to gather information upon which one may based accurately informed decision is a necessary challenge.

That said, I have presented a few links to erstwhile "news" sources. You have been forewarned.
I have little reason to mindlessly trust any of these sources. I have screened-out traditionally.
hyper-partisan sources such as ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, BBC, etc.
I did include a link to the AP, with a warning, because they and UPI are the only two USA wire services.
If you wish to "slum" you may find links to their unlabeled editorials-mascarading-as-news" via the Drudge site.

This is what passes for "fairness" in Hillary Clinton & Chuck Shumer's Home State New York School System
Hate-Filled Partisan Discrimination. Anyone heard them speaking against this Soviet-style thought control? NOTE: Link may be down.

Here is the face of the radical genocidal branch of Islam. NOTE: Link is down.

The big lie is that they only started their anti-civilization violence after Afghanistan and Iraq but the truth is that they have been murdering people
for decades for the sake of their nightmare-dream of imposing totalitarianism upon every person in the world. Be afraid, be angry, be supportive
of your government, and resist the nonsense of liberals who criticize America and who make excuses for terrorists.
The darkness is coming -- choose to defend the light.


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